If You Only Visit One Sarasota Tax Attorney Website About How to Fix Your Tax Debt, Read this One

Hiring a Sarasota Tax Attorney does not have to feel like getting a root canal does. As a matter of fact, the complete reverse of that can be true.

Sarasota Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish

Hi, I’m Darrin T. Mish, the IRS Solution Attorney. Your IRS problem most likely will not go away on its own. Call me at 888-438-6474 and let’s chat about your situation and what solutions may be available to you.

Dear Taxpayer,

If you’d like to stop your paycheck garnishments, property seizures, and tax liens…

…then I’m guessing this is the most significant website you will ever visit.

Let me explain why:

I’m a Sarasota tax attorney who got into trouble myself with the Internal Revenue Service a few years back. Which turned me into a MUCH more potent IRS lawyer. It was an unpleasant experience as I’m sure you can relate to.

But it became a blessing down the road.

Here’s why:

In the 17 years since then, I have helped over 2500 citizens end their tax problems. Before I ran into my own tax problem I had the head knowledge needed to help my clients. But I lacked empathy about what they were going through.

So you can count on the fact that I know how you’re feeling about your IRS problem. What’s more, you can count on the fact that I won’t judge you for having the problem.

Too many tax attorneys take a high and mighty approach with their clients.

Not me.

Sarasota Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish & Family

My IRS problem affected my entire family. My job is to provide for them and when I got into an IRS problem it seemed like I was doing the exact opposite of that.

Four Reasons Why You Can Trust I’m Not Blowing Hot Air At You

Reason one: I have been a Sarasota tax attorney since 1999 and have helped solve the IRS problems of over 2500 taxpayers just like you.

Reason two: I’m the author of many IRS Problem Solving books. Some of which hit best-selling status. All are available on Amazon by searching my name.

Reason three: I have my own radio show in Tampa called the “The IRS Solution Attorney” that plays live every week.

Reason four: You can listen to past episodes of my podcast, “The IRS Solution Attorney” and decide for yourself if I’m the Sarasota tax attorney to help you.

Sarasota Tax Attorney Radio Show

Check out past episodes of my IRS Solution Attorney Radio Show at http://irssolutionattorney.com/.

Here Is What You Can Expect When You Hire Me As Your Sarasota Tax Attorney:

  • I will work with the Internal Revenue Service about your IRS debt
    You might be able to settle your IRS problem for much less than you owe
  • I will speak to the IRS on your behalf
    You quit having to speak to the IRS yourself
  • I Will Work to Get Your Paycheck Garnishment Released
    You get to keep your wages and keep paying your bills
  • If You Have a Tax Lien I Will Negotiate To Get It Lifted
    Your credit gets saved and you keep the right to own assets in your name
  • I Will Work to Get Your Bank Levy Lifted
    You get to keep the assets in your accounts
  • I’ll Even Negotiate With the IRS to Get Penalties and Interest Removed From Your IRS Debt
    You end up paying less for your tax debt
  • I will prevent or stop the Internal Revenue Service from taking your possessions
    You get to keep the stuff you own
  • If You Have Payroll Or Sales Tax Problems I’ll Help You With Them
    This may free you up from harsh penalties and interest fees
  • I will file your unfiled taxes if you have any
    Keeps the Internal Revenue Service from filing inflated substitute returns for you

Now, you’re probably wondering how and why I can do all those things.

Let me explain.

I’ve been serving taxpayers like you solve their IRS problems for over seventeen years. So you will need to look far and wide to find another Sarasota tax attorney who has helped solve as many IRS problems for their clients as I have.

Please take my words with a grain of salt, though. Instead take a look at what my past clients are saying about the help I gave them.

Here’s what they have to say:

Be Careful: Do NOT hire a Sarasota Tax Attorney unless they meet the following two benchmarks:

There are a slew of Sarasota lawyers you can select from to assist you with your current tax issue. But before you make that important decision, keep these two things in mind.

  • Make sure the lawyer you select DOES NOT use fear tactics to scare you into becoming their client. Fear never solves problems, it only creates more.
  • Do your due diligence on the Sarasota tax attorney you end up trusting to help solve your tax problem. If that person does not have a verifiable track record, you may be better off continuing your search until you can find one that does.

How Much Would Clearing Up Your IRS Trouble Be Worth to You and Your Loved Ones?

As your tax attorney, I will work vigorously to get the amount of liability you owe the IRS decreased down to a figure you can manage. A large number of my former clients ended up paying a few cents on the dollar even.

To sum up, here’s what you can expect to receive from me:

You will get a competent Sarasota tax attorney with 17 years experience working tirelessly to help you solve your tax problem.

So call me at 888-438-6474 and we can schedule a time we can talk about your current issue.

To your success,

Darrin T. Mish, IRS Lawyer

P.S. Unfortunately, problems with the IRS hardly ever get resolved on their own. So ring my office at 888-438-6474 and let’s work out a resolution to your headache once and for all.