Is Hiring a Florida Tax Attorney Something You’re Ready For?

Are you wrestling with an IRS issue and seeking advice from a Florida Tax Attorney? Would you like to find a answer to your problem but don’t know where to start?

Well, it does not matter if you’re dealing with…

  • Paycheck Garnishments
  • Bank Levies
  • Tax Liens
  • Property Seizures
  • Sales Tax Problems
  • Payroll Tax Problems

… I can help!

Picture of Florida Tax Attorney Darrin T. Mish and Heather Mish

Since 1999 I have successfully helped over 2500 families solve their IRS problem. Given what I put my wife Heather through with my own tax issue I LOVE helping families break free of that.

Hi, my name is Darrin T. Mish. I’m a tax attorney who concentrates all my efforts in helping taxpayers like you solve their tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service.

What You Will get If You Hire Me As Your Tax Attorney

Now, before I share anything about who I am, let me clear something up…

Asking for, and needing a tax debt settlement is NOT something you should be embarrassed over.

As a matter of fact, over twenty five hundred of my clients have received tax debt settlements since 1999. I leave scare tactics and judgmental attitudes to other attorneys who feel the need to use them. Instead I focus on finding solutions to your tax problem.

florida tax attorney on boat with family

When I got into my own issues with the IRS I felt like I let my entire family down. I still remember how awful that felt. That experience has given me the empathy to help you with your IRS problem.

I’ve Been Helping Folks Solve Their IRS Troubles Since The Turn Of The Millennium.

I became a tax attorney back in 1999, after getting into some back tax issues with the IRS myself.

Since then, I’ve helped over 2500 people just like you put an end to their nightmare with the IRS.

Plus, the work I do has been noticed by AVVO, and as a result, they granted me a perfect 10.0 ranking.

I also have my own radio show, The IRS Solution Attorney. It airs live weekly on Money Talk 1010.

Meet Some Of The Taxpayers Who I Helped Get Tax Debt Settlements For

Since I started my practice, I’ve had the immense gratification of helping over 2500 clients solve their IRS problem.

My clients come from all walks of life and have a slew of academic, profession, and life experiences.

But the one prevalent trait they all shared was their will to weather the tax storm they found themselves in.

Check out these testimonials from just a handful of the many people I’ve helped to stop paycheck seizures, tax liens, and other serious tax related issues.

When You Hire Me As Your Florida Tax Attorney, We’ll Jointly Tackle ANY Stumbling Blocks Hampering You From Ending Your Headache With The IRS Once And For All

Since I have been at this since 1999, I’ve constructed a decidedly effective way to deal with the IRS. This enables me to make the greatest headway in the least amount of time possible.

Now Let’s Take A Look At The Outcomes You Can You Count On Having…

When you hire me as your Florida tax attorney, you’ll have some dedicated to helping you find a solution to your tax problem.

Here are several benefits you can expect to receive:

  • I will negotiate with the IRS about the money you owe them
    There is a chance we can work out an agreement with them  to settle your tax debt for far less than you owe
  • I will be your representative to the IRS
    You quit having to communicate with them
  • If your wages are under garnishment I will work to get it removed
    You keep the money you work hard for
  • I will work to get your tax lien removed
    Getting your tax lien removed will help restore your credit
  • Bank levies are no fun either, I’ll work to get those lifted too
    You avoid having your debit card declined while standing in line with a conveyor belt full of groceries
  • I will work to get your penalties and interest fees reduced
    You get your tax debt reduced significantly
  • Worried about the IRS seizing your property? I’ll work hard to stop that from happening
    You get to keep everything you have worked so hard to accumulate
  • Have sales tax or payroll issues? No worries, I’ll help you with them too
    You get piece of mind knowing you’re finally doing something about the problem
  • If you have any tax returns unfiled, I’ll even file them for you
    Safeguards you from overblown substitute returns that the IRS will “prepare” for you

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Are you going to continue wrestling with your IRS problem?

Will you continue paying the expensive price — both financially and emotionally — that comes from not effectively dealing with your IRS problem?

Or are you ready to work with me, so that together, we can find a way to get you a tax debt settlement that works for you?

It’s your move — your choice is obvious.

Call me now at 888-438-6474 so we can chat about your issue.

I look forward to it!

But like I just mentioned… I only have a few openings due to my current availability. Call today!

To your success,

Darrin T. Mish
IRS Solution Attorney

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